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Inspection and testing (Periodic inspection)

Inspection and testing (Initial Verifications)


Cropped image of male technician holding clipboard while examining fusebox

Cropped image of male technician holding clipboard while examining fusebox

This qualification helps you to develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to professionally inspect and test electrical installations. You will become very familiar with the 17th edition n wiring regulations part 6 and guidance’s note 3 and inspection and testing.
Who should attend?
This award is ideal for qualified electricians wishing to update their knowledge of electrical installation techniques. Level 3 is ideal if you are a qualified electrician and have a great deal of technical skills and knowledge. You work with minimum supervision and have a good record of safety, fault correction and ensuring work meets the required standard. You want to update your knowledge of techniques and legislation.
Initial Verification
– General
– Inspection
– Testing :
– General
– Continuity of conductors
– Continuity of protective conductors, including main and supplementary equipotential bonding
– Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
– Insulation resistance
– Protection by SELV, PELV or by electrical separation
– Protection by SELV
– Protection by PELV
– Protection by electrical separation
– Functional extra-low voltage circuits
– Basic protection by a barrier or an enclosure provided during erection
– Insulation resistance/impedance of floors and walls
– Polarity
– Earth electrode resistance
– Protection by automatic disconnection of the supply
– General:
a) TN system
b) TT system
c) IT system
– Earth fault loop impedance
– Additional protection
– Prospective fault current
– Check of phase sequence
– Functional testing
– Verification of voltage drop
Periodic inspection and testing
– General
– Frequency of inspection and testing
Certification and Reporting
– General
– Initial verification
– Additions and alterations
– Periodic inspection and testing
Training Environment
The course is both practical and theory giving you hands on experience of inspection and test and will cover the theory knowledge requirements for the exam.
Once with a successful pass in this course you will be able to apply for your approved electrician JIB card. It will equip you with the knowledge to be able to inspect and test new electrical installations.
Course Outline
1. Requirements for Inspecting and Testing of existing electrical installations
2. The completion of the Electrical Installation Condition Report and Supporting Documentation
3. Requirements for completing the periodic inspection of electrical installations
4. The differences between periodic inspection and initial verification
5. Requirements for the safe testing of electrical installations which have been placed in service
6. Understand and interpret test results
7. Requirements for the completion of electrical installation condition reports and associated documentation
8. How to confirm safety of system and equipment prior to completion of inspection, testing and commissioning
9. How to carry out inspection of electrical installations prior to them being placed into service
10. How to test electrical installations prior to them being placed into service
11. How to produce a condition report with recording observations and classifications