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High Voltage Powerline Technician Training (Live Line Training)

Our training course requires and adequate foundation of electrical knowledge. The course is designed to raise the delegate’s theory and technical knowledge of high voltage switching up to a level suitable for the senior authorised person.

Who can attend?
Delegates have responsibilities as senior authorised person for switching and the ability and authorisation to issue electrical safety documents.

To gain a sound understanding of industrial high voltage power systems this understanding will include knowledge of statutory regulations, good safe working practices, a basic understanding of protection of power equipment and for the delegate to be able to carry out high voltage switch operations on industrial high voltage networks with voltages up to 33kv to gain an understanding of the requirements for companies to have safety rules.

Training Environment
Classroom theory based and practical exercises.

Course Outline
– Statutory regulations
– Electrical hazard and precautions
– The layout of high voltage systems
– Safety features and operations of switch gear
– Operational procedures
– High voltage safety rules
– Issue and control of safety documentation
– Safety lockout and tagging procedures
– Basic electrical protection